1. Read or watch the story of The Girl Who Wouldn't Give Up.

You can find both the short film here and download the Story Pack in English or Welsh here.

2. Make or plan something inspired by the story.

You can make anything at all and you can create it on your own or with others. For example...

  • A creative group project like a mural, a photography exhibition, writing a song, yarn bombing, creating a film, designing a board game.
  • An artwork such as a painting, sculpture, comic strip, or yarn craft.
  • A piece of music, a poem, or a dance.
  • A performance or performance event such as a flashmob or poetry reading, or an open mic night or film night based on a theme from the story such as 'young people speaking up' or 'hope for the future'.
  • An eco activity, such as a clothes swap, litter pick, seed bombing or tree planting
  • A community activity like a coffee morning or a pop up museum celebrating where you live!

From the largest to the smallest, every creation is very welcome.

We've produced loads of resources to give you ideas and inspiration and there's a planning sheet in the Story Pack to help get you started.

We've also got a small budget available (on a first come, first served basis) to support groups who want to take part with resources or time with a tutor or trainer who can help you learn a new skill - do let us know if you have any ideas that we can support in this way.

You have until the celebration week starting May 20th to work on your creation! This is when we'll be asking groups to share their artwork of performance.

We are encouraging everyone taking part to swap and share their skills and materials so if you need any help with what you're planning you can also hop onto our friendly facebook group and ask - for example someone has just offered up an enormous bag of leftover yarn and someone else has offered to use it for a crochet project!

Finally you can use the project logo to help publicise any events you're planning, you can download all the graphics here.

3. List your creation or performance

so everyone else knows where to enjoy it during the celebration week - the listings page will be opening up on our website in the next week or so.

We can help find venues for performances and both indoor and outdoor places to display artworks so just let us know if you need any help with this.

The Girl Who Wouldn’t Give Up is a storytelling and street art project supported by The Community Fund. The project was inspired by the youth strikers and community organisations of Cardiff who are speaking up and taking action on climate and ecological breakdown, and our belief that action and creativity are powerful antidotes to the fear and apathy we can all experience in the face of these challenges.

The aims of the project are:

  • To provide opportunities to explore the experience of living climate and ecological breakdown in a creative way, and empower those taking part to take action and speak up for change.

  • To bring together individuals, families, schools and community groups across the city to explore new ways of creating and collaborating.

  • To celebrate the effort and courage of young activists and community groups locally and globally.

  • To share sustainable skills and resources.

I’d like to host an event as part of the project - what do I need to do?

Amazing! Thanks! If you’re planning to run a special event or dedicate one or more meetings of your regular group to creating something inspired by the project then we’d love to hear about it. Please send us a message through the contact page and let us know what you’re planning, whether it’s open to anyone to join, and whether you’d like any help planning or promoting it. We can also set up an event booking page for you if that would be helpful.

I have some spare materials for making stuff - do you want them?

Yes please. The easiest way to find someone who can use your materials is to post in the facebook group and make arrangements with whoever needs them. If you’d rather contact us directly you can do so here.

Can you come and talk to our group/school about the project?

We’d love to - just send us a message via our contact page with some details about your group, your location, and some possible dates and times that would work for you.

How is this project funded?

This project is funded by the Community Fund as part of our three year Green Squirrel project. We’re extremely grateful for their support which has allowed this project to go ahead.

I have another question!

Please use the contact form to get in touch.

Green Squirrel is a social enterprise creating opportunities for greener living. We empower those with a passion for sustainability to take action and change their life, their community, and their world for the better.

Founded in 2012 (as Green City Events) we offer a programme of events across Cardiff and South Wales designed to make sustainable living accessible and build community resilience.

The Girl Who Wouldn’t Give Up film was created by Mike Erskine of Mud and Thunder with words by Tamar Eluned Williams and music by Ritual Cloak.