What is The Girl Who Wouldn’t Give Up?

The Girl Who Wouldn’t Give Up is a story of hope and courage inspired by the young people and community organisations of Cardiff who are speaking up and taking action on climate and ecological breakdown. It is based on a traditional Welsh tale, the story of the Afanc, that sees a community struggling to confront a threat from the natural world.

The story is at the centre of this Cardiff-wide creative project, launching in November in 2019 and finishing with a celebration week in May 2020. During this time individuals, families, schools, and groups are invited to share the story and create something - a performance or artwork - inspired by its themes. Free workshops, events, and an online community will help provide inspiration, support and resources to create low waste and planet-friendly artworks. During the celebration week all participants will be invited to display or perform their creation, filling the streets of Cardiff with unique and exciting artwork and activities.

How can I get involved?

There are so many ways to take part!

  • Make something! Every creation inspired by the story is very welcome, from knitting, painting, poetry, sculpture, growing, song, comics and much, much more. Don’t forget to list it here and let us know when and where it’ll be on display during the celebration week in May 2020.

  • Come along to one of our free creative events - click here to find out what’s on

  • Host your own story session with our downloadable story pack

  • Join our friendly facebook group to swap ideas and resources

  • Volunteer to support the project - get in touch if you’d like to help out

  • Spread the word. If you’re a parent or teacher please tell your school and encourage them to sign up for our free school performances in 2020. Please follow us on twitter at @bewaretheafanc, share the film, tell you friends!

I want to make something… but I’m not sure what to do!

Why not join our friendly facebook group to swap ideas and resources or find some new friends to help you make something? You can also check out our epic pinterest board for inspiration or come along to one of our free events

I’d like to host an event as part of the project - what do I need to do?

Amazing! Thanks! If you’re planning to run a special event or dedicate a meeting of your regular group to creating something inspired by the project then we’d love to hear about it. Please send us a message through the contact page and let us know what you’re planning, whether it’s open to anyone to join, and whether you’d like any help planning or promoting it. We can set up an event booking page for you if that would be helpful.

I have some spare materials for making stuff - do you want them?

Yes please. The easiest way to find someone who can use your materials is to post in the facebook group and make arrangements with whoever needs them. If you’d rather contact us directly you can do so here.

Can you come and talk to our group/school about the project?

We’d love to - just send us a message via our contact page with some details about your group, your location, and some possible dates and times that would work for you. These talks are delivered by our volunteer team so we can’t absolutely guarantee

How is this project funded?

This project is funded by the Community Fund as part of our three year Green Squirrel project. We’re extremely grateful for their support which has allowed this project to go ahead.

I have another question!

Please use the contact form to get in touch.