Design a creature and see your artwork come to life as a mural on the streets of Cardiff!

Protecting parks, watching over our streets, even peeking out from behind the bins; Cardiff is full of mythical guardian creatures and we need your help to bring them to life.
Our special places here in the city and far away have felt more important to us than ever during lockdown. Knowing that these places can be threatened by things like litter, habitat loss, development, and climate change can feel really hard. Inspired by the Afanc, we want to create some unique mythical guardians to help us notice, cherish, and protect the places that shape us - and we need your help!
You’re invited to imagine and design a fantastic creature to watch over somewhere special to you. A selection of submissions will be chosen and transformed by a professional illustrator into murals around the city!

How to take part

First, we suggest watching or reading the story of The Girl Who Wouldn’t Give Up for some inspiration - find the short film of the story or download the written tale in English and Welsh from the homepage.
Next, download our Guardian Creature sheet to help you get started. It’s probably helpful to take a walk around your favourite place too if possible, noticing what you see, hear, feel, and experience.
Start work on your design. We welcome drawings in pencils, paint, crayons, colouring pens, or whatever you find most comfortable. The Guardian Creature sheet is just to help get you started and totally optional, you can send us your design on anything you like.
Scan your picture or take a photo and upload it here - or pop it in the post to Green Squirrel, 222 Railway Street, CF24 2NJ. If you’re uploading it we’ll ask you a few questions about your creature as well as your contact information - please don’t forget to include this information if you’re sending it by post.
The deadline for submissions is September 18th. After this date we’ll be revealing which Guardian Creatures have chosen to be transformed into murals - we will contact you directly if yours has been chosen.
Please note:
  • This contest is open to all ages and artistic abilities
  • We’re really sorry, we can’t guarantee the return of any pictures sent by post

Submit your creature!

How are you submitting your design?