Green Squirrel is a social enterprise creating opportunities for greener living. We empower those with a passion for sustainability to take action and change their life, their community, and their world for the better.

Founded in 2012 (as Green City Events) we offer a programme of events across Cardiff and South Wales designed to make sustainable living accessible and build community resilience.

The Girl Who Wouldn’t Give Up film was created by Mike Erskine of Mud and Thunder with words by Tamar Eluned Williams and music by Ritual Cloak.

The Girl Who Wouldn’t Give Up is a storytelling and street art project supported by The Community Fund. The project was inspired by the youth strikers and community organisations of Cardiff who are speaking up and taking action on climate and ecological breakdown, and our belief that action and creativity are powerful antidotes to the fear and apathy we can all experience in the face of these challenges.

The aims of the project are:

  • To provide opportunities to explore the experience of living climate and ecological breakdown in a creative way, and empower those taking part to take action and speak up for change.

  • To bring together individuals, families, schools and community groups across the city to explore new ways of creating and collaborating.

  • To celebrate the effort and courage of young activists and community groups locally and globally.

  • To share sustainable skills and resources.